Theory Meets Praxis

Helping humanities graduates translate their skills into a new market.

Humanities in the Wild

We believe that “starving artists” (and starving adjuncts) should be a thing of the past. Our goal is to help you find a fulfilling job – whether part-time or a full-time career – that makes the best use of your skills and expands the influence of the humanities beyond academia.

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How It Works

It’s time to revolutionize the job search. Theory Meets Praxis is designed as a tailored employment service for graduates with a degree in the humanities (BA, MA, and Ph.D). We work to form relationships with employers and curate a growing database of interesting jobs for you to apply your unique training.

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Match With Employers

Our matchmaking service will help overcome that challenge. Our site will be focused on bringing together humanities grads and employers using sophisticated matching algorithms. On the applicant side: you will be asked to create a profile that you can make as detailed as you like. You will have the option to enter a variety of experiences and skills: teaching experience, public presentation (ex. any conference or workshop presentations), video clips, photos, and responses to a variety of candidate questions that will help refine the matching process. This will help us to match you with an interesting job where you can apply much of your experience and specialized knowledge – whether it is as a researcher for a consultancy, interviewer for a podcast, creative writer, trainer, or any number of other positions.

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Show Your Interest

We are working to match talented candidates with employers as soon as possible. To reach our launch date, we need to know who is interested and what background you have. Sign up today to create your profile and receive helpful resources. Once you are registered, you will be one of the first to know once we officially launch.