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Monica Felix

Monica Felix, Ph.D. | Founder

Monica founded Theory Meets Praxis in May 2020. As a lifelong student of the humanities, she is passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering graduates to practice ‘humanities in the wild’. Her journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in German and Linguistics from Lawrence University followed by a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Chicago. She served as the Director of Museum, Exhibits, and Development at a Chicago cultural center for two years where she curated exhibits, kicked off an oral history project, and even briefly oversaw a language program for children and adults. From there she became the first Chief Administrative Officer of the American Comparative Literature Association where she oversaw end-to-end preparations for the association’s 3,000-attendee annual meeting. Her post-graduation journey also took her to Data Products where she served as the Program Manager for a boutique data science consultancy. 

During this time, she kept in touch with fellow humanities graduates and followed the discussion surrounding “alt-ac” careers and the growing trend of adjunctification. After graduating, she recognized how little career preparation she had received for employment beyond academia. Her own job search experience forced her to learn how to translate her education and experience into other industries as well as discover what fields or job titles were available to someone with her background. After seeing colleagues and fellow graduates working as underpaid adjuncts or in entry-level jobs, she realized that her story is not unique. 250,000 new humanities graduates enter the job market each year and do not have access to the same array of job boards, career fairs, and mentorship as job seekers in tech, business or other professional fields. 

Monica founded Theory Meets Praxis to fill that gap. The goal of this site is to provide useful career search information and help build a community. As part of this project, another goal is to work to convince humanities grads to avoid adjunct positions as their primary employment. She hopes that they will review the resources on the site and watch the interviews with grads in a variety of fulfilling professions to learn more about how they can pivot to a new field that will provide a fair wage and the opportunity to practice ‘humanities in the wild’.