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Are you curious about how to make a living as a writer? We’ve included information below on different full-time and freelance options.

Click on any of the topics in the menu below to learn more about what types of writing projects are advertised, where to look, and how to get started with self-publishing or freelancing.

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Why would this field appeal to someone with a humanities / liberal arts degree?

If your degree is in creative writing, journalism, literature, or a language, then chances are that you have honed your writing skills over the years. This section covers full-time and freelance options for writing jobs. We recommend reviewing the section descriptions carefully for additional information on both full-time work and recommendations for freelancers.

What types of writing jobs are available?

Have you ever dreamed of making a living as a writer? There is plenty of competition for writing jobs and few opportunities to make an income as a fiction writer. However, the goal of this section is to share information about what type of work is available, where to find it, and to make recommendations for how you might earn a living as a freelancer. There are still opportunities to earn money with creative writing and authors who are willing to supplement that work with additional projects (ex. technical writing, copywriting, etc) will be able to maintain a decent income.

This section will address the following selection of jobs (see Responsibilities and Skills for more info):

  • Author (self-publishing)
  • Copywriting (full-time and freelance)
  • Ghost writer
  • Proofreading
Author, Copywriter, and Content Writer information / where find freelance work
  • Author (self-publishing)

Internet self-publishing has democratized the market, opening the field to more first-time authors. There are a range of options available. The top platforms are Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble Press. Here is an article with a longer list of self-publishing options. With all models, authors receive a percentage of each sale. They are then able to do their own market or pay for marketing services. 

This option is included here for anyone who is interested in getting into self-publishing and willing to take on the challenge of promoting their book. However, it should not be considered a reliable income for most. 

  • Copywriting, Proofreading, and Ghost writing: what to expect and where to look

This path includes part-time, full-time, and freelance options. A search through most job sites will turn up dozens of copywriting and proofreading positions (both remote and in person) for both full-time and part-time employment. Generally, these positions are looking for someone to: write product descriptions, write content for web pages, write small articles, create social media posts, or write content for emails. 

While there are plenty of job postings for this work, it may be easier to break into this field by picking up projects on freelance sites and building your profile. With enough organization and consistency, you could even find enough work to sustain a full-time income as a copywriter. 

Where to find freelance work (ghost writing, proofreading, content writing)

Here are a list of freelancing and gig-type websites where you might find posts searching for ghost writers, copy writers, and proofreaders:

Microjob/Gig-type freelancing sites: